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Media buying refers to the procurement of advertising on mediums such as Google Display Network, Google Search, Google Local Business Listings, Youtube, Facebook, & Instagram.

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Bolder Future Marketing is a growth marketing agency that helps businesses unlock their potential and achieve their sales goals. 

We develop tailored plans and implement systems that make it easy for you to reach your target market and convert leads into customers. 

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to help your business grow. 

So if you're looking for an agency that can help you take your business to the next level, Bolder Future Marketing is a perfect choice.

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Online Advertising Research 
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Strategic Marketing Plan 
Live 24 Hour Customer Progress Dashboard

Our Clients Say*Ryan%20Todd%20and%20Shane*jpg?alt=media&token=e30e031f-d10e-4635-8e42-199b03a899ea
Todd Brown
Founder - MFA & The E5 Marketing Method
"Yep, Shane is legit.
He's a rockstar marketer.
He's been around the game a long time.
He knows the ins and outs of media buying.
And he knows how to drive prospects to buy.
I've worked on various projects with Shane. And he has always been professional, thorough, and a stand-up guy (a rarity in this wacky world of online marketing)"

What We Offer

  • Digital Media Buying
    We make media buys for your marketing funnel by placing & optimizing advertising spaces across a mix of platforms, devices & tactics to ensure we maximize performance for your campaign goals.

  • Performance Optimization
    Advertising is monitored daily & pruned to optimize for the best CPA for your KPI goals.  Ad assets are split-tested through several variations & changed regularly to find the best match to your KPI goals and to avoid ad fatigue. 

  • KPI Performance Monitoring
    We run advertising campaigns in 90-day sprints to test, optimize, & scale your traffic.  A KPI dashboard is provided for you to login and see KPI results at any time.  A monthly steering committee meeting is held to review KPI target results against goals and recommendations are proposed and agreed to for the next 30 days.
  • Marketing Funnel Build-Outs
    Once you know you have a solid offer that converts, we can build new marketing funnels to acquire more leads & customers utilizing different front-end tactics. Some examples of these front-end tactics are book funnels, webinar funnels, VSL's, Text or Call Funnels, Book Meeting Funnels and more.  These tactics will be decided upon in a key stakeholders kickoff meeting at the beginning of the project. 
  • Coaching & Training
    If you're not quite ready to drive paid media traffic to your website or offer or you just want to learn how to do it yourself, or you just need some assistance to dial in an existing offer, or you need to create a digital product first, Bolder Future Marketing can provide you with coaching guidance and/or training to help get you there.  Message us by clicking on the popup button below to find out how you can get access to our signature coaching package; "The Entrepreneurs Concierge Coaching Method™".

Bolder Future Marketing 
Go-To-Market Strategy

We can help you unlock growth in your business by developing a plan that is tailored to your specific needs and by implementing systems that will help you achieve your sales goals.*bolder-future-logo11*jpg?alt=media&token=9394b6d5-0819-4625-bf83-44754c4c05a7*Bolder%20Future%20Marketing%20office%20workplace*jpg?alt=media&token=2f2225a9-e05b-4986-bc9b-6b8bf5df9341
Has your business hit a ceiling in growth & you’ve found the tactics you used when starting your business like entrepreneurial creativeness, perseverance, & sheer willpower are no longer propelling you forward?
We can help you unlock growth in your business by developing a plan that is tailored to your specific needs and by implementing systems that will help you achieve your sales goals.
You’re probably like most Entrepreneurs that are growing your business & feeling frustrations in one or more of these 3 key areas:
  • Strategy & Tactics plan for business growth at the planned KPI target
  • Sales & Marketing systems & growth with profit
  • Strategy, Tactics, & Standard Operating Processes to automate & evergreen for residual growth*Bolder%20Future%20Marketing%20office*jpg?alt=media&token=5a7f4738-269e-40e6-b9b4-c2c2cf6b8e80
STEP 1: 
The concept here is to reverse engineer the strategy & plan from the perspective of the quantifiable results you want to achieve.

An overarching strategy is put in place from this position and the tactic plans will begin to naturally fall into place once this is understood and documented.  People will more naturally rally around this strategy and vision because the end result is understood and strongly desired.

The group comes together and feels energized.  Level 9 & 10 goals are in their mind so the level 1-8 tactics don’t feel so complicated or insurmountable and they start naturally accomplishing them building momentum towards your level 9/10 strategy goals.*Bolder%20Future%20Marketing%20strategic%20planning%20meeting*jpg?alt=media&token=4e63b00c-b40a-4b67-acdb-413ceedb898f
STEP 2: 
An individualized annual marketing & sales plan is put in place for each product and product suite with an ideal client in mind to attract.

Leads funnel in and are nurtured to become prospects who are then further nurtured to become customers who are then further nurtured to become loyal life-long high-end clients or even strategic partners in growth.

Once proven for your key product, you can then replicate this across all products and product suites.  Once conversion levels are dialed into a healthy profitability level and the lifetime value of a typical customer can be calculated, additional media can be purchased to increase the sales growth.*Bolder%20Future%20Marketing%20offices*jpg?alt=media&token=b07167cb-7b09-4afc-b29f-da4d231fde37
STEP 3: 
Once tested each product can then be amplified into product suites each with its own individualized marketing & sales funnels that will layer and grow into an overall automated machine much like conveyer belts and robotics within a highly optimized manufacturing facility.

The lower-end repeatable process would be automated as much as possible to leverage as many ideal prospects into the incubation and nurturing phase.

These ideal prospects can be sifted and sorted with automation to uncover the ideal ones that can be escalated to higher-tier clients or even strategic partnerships for your sales and strategic business development people to work with.

Each of these individual marketing funnels can be automated and put into an evergreen process to build equity residual strategic growth.


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Hear What Our Clients 
Are Saying*Todd%20Brown%20Founder%20%26%20CEO%20Marketing%20Funnel%20Automation*jpg?alt=media&token=0438b2c3-8e02-410f-89d7-872a8122c6ce
Todd Brown
Founder - MFA & The E5 Marketing Method

“Shane & Bolder Future Marketing gets my highest endorsement. If you have the chance to work with Shane to grow your business, he is one of the brightest and best people for you to work with!”


Tom Roy

Founder & Creator - Got Soul Marketing

“I joined Shane’s Elite Entrepreneurs Coaching Group and I was able to map out my offer, business, and lifestyle with great clarity and alignment to grow my business the way I want. He really cares about his clients so to have him in your corner is a real gift.”

Sheri Rosenthal
CEO & Founder - Retreat Blueprint Program

“I hired Shane & Bolder Future to run the marketing and ads for my product launch and sold 90 people into my program which was only the 2nd time ever launching it.  If you’re thinking about hiring someone to manage your digital marketing, then hire them now!”

Victoria Griggs
 Founder – Straight-line Marketing 

“Shane & Bolder Future helped me close a big deal with a client.  They really care about their client’s success …I can’t recommend them highly enough.  If you get the opportunity to work with them, I strongly suggest that you do.”

Lindsay Wilson

Mindvalley Author & Entrepreneur

“I learned how to run Facebook ads from Shane & Bolder Future Marketing …these guys are super freakin smart!  They know so much about marketing and paid media plus they are just really great guys.  It’s hard to find someone in this marketing world you can put your trust into.”

Melanie Killens
Coaching Student - Entrepreneurs Concierge Coaching Program

“I completed Shane’s “Joyful Entrepreneurs 10 Day Challenge”. Shane’s ability to bring us all together and try all the daily challenges was amazing! I was able to set up daily habits to apply to my life and grow my business.”

Ian Darley
Founder - BU University

“Big thanks to Shane & Bolder Future who helped me do a small launch …they helped me use the same tactics that they use on their big multi-million-dollar launches!”

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